Mark Corbett

Animals have always been special to Mark as he was raised in a pet loving family and was taught to love and respect all animals. Mark has lived with pets all his life.

All the pets I have had over the years have been special but the most special was a puppy I found on a pig farm in the Annapolis Vally. She was a truly that once in a lifetime dog companion I had from the age of 20 until 33. Her name was Dempsy. Part Springer Spaniel and part Brittany Spaniel.”


Losing a pet is very hard. Mark plays an important role in relieving your anxiety, because you know that your pet has been treated with dignity, respect, and honour. Mark is one of the most compassionate, understanding, and kind people I have met. He is a true professional. I have trusted all my animals with Mark and will continue to do so in the future.

Kathleen Dunbar, RVT, VTS, MSW
Veterinary Social Worker
About M.E.C Pet Services

About Us

M.E.C. Pet Services was established in 1993.  I began the company because I wanted to provide a caring service that would help ease the pain of peoples’ loss, and also honour their pets memory. I have been very fortunate to have always had loving pets in my life.  Because of this, I understand the special bond that exists between ourselves and our animal companions.  I know firsthand how difficult it is to lose a special pet and understand how overwhelming it can be to make decisions at the time of loss. 

Today, I continue to deliver efficient pet cremation services with courtesy, care and compassion.  These values and qualities are the foundation of my business, as are the strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect that I have built with Veterinary Hospitals over the years.

Remembering your pet

Handcrafted urns

Our urns are handrafted in Nova Scotia.
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Approved by the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment to offer cremation and burial services.

We work with your Veterinarian

We work as a team with your veterinary clinic to facilitate this difficult process for you at the time of your loss.

We can work directly with you

If you aren’t currently working with a Veterinarian, reach out and we can offer private cremation services.